"On the last day of the year, we have a new, interesting release- “End of an Era” by Zanya Laurence, a musician based in Denver, CO who brings an R&B flavor with a touch of sweet Soul. With hypnotizing vocals, Zanya brings a deep atmosphere sprinkled with guitar, making everything blend together beautifully. 

This song is about a complex and unpredictable life. A deep message wrapped in an aura that may feel dark at times, and yet she leaves room for hope to shine. This is not a song we’d typically share, but we feel lucky to have become acquainted with it." - ParaPop.net (Indonesia)

“American singer and songwriter Zanya Laurence shares her melancholy-infused song Achilles Tears, written after having to say goodbye to someone she cared deeply about.  What I like the most about this song is the emotional and melancholic piano-based melodies that instantly create a warmth that allows for the listener to fully connect with Zanya's vocal delivery and relatable storytelling. Achilles Tears is a song about grief and being in a dark period in her life. Apart from the piano melodies I am very fond of the subtle strings and catchy bass that enhance the song's warmth and intimate atmosphere. Check it out!” -caesarlivenloud.com

"Achilles Tears" is a powerful and deeply personal ballad that explores the pain of saying goodbye to someone you care about. Zanya uses the metaphor of the Greek warrior Achilles, known for his vulnerable heel, to represent her own emotional vulnerability in the face of heartbreak. The song was written after Zanya experienced a painful breakup, and it serves as a cathartic expression of the grief and sadness she felt in the aftermath. The lyrics are raw and emotional, and Zanya's powerful vocals convey the depth of her pain and longing." -Death or Desire

“Zanya Laurence’s newest release “The Year of You” dives into the dynamics of a blossoming love that ended in heartbreak. Armed with her distinct, laidback vocal tone and unique phrasing style, Zanya delivers a heartfelt and soul-stirring performance ripe with vivid lyricism and undeniable emotional punch.” -www.thewordisbond.com

"Colorado-based artist @zanyalaurence shares her new single "Left Behind", a song about heartbreak & confusion atop intricate piano keys & a killer beat that create an overall warm atmosphere, perfect for a chill day at home!" - @CaesarLiveNSound 

"American songstress, Zanya Laurence sings about healing from heartbreak in her latest song “Dark Blue”.  It feels like she has this burden, being tormented by recollections and the agony of bidding farewell. Look forward to more great songs like this one. The lyrics contain her original writing and unfiltered passion. She sounds very sentimental in this song and it is really sensed in her vocals aside from the fact that her singing was very delightful, she comes from a place of pain and sorrow. Zanya’s music is influenced by R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Pop, which she has combined into a seamless melody that is uniquely her own. -www.musicarenagh.com

“Zanya Laurence has one of the purest and most charming voices we’ve heard and the performance on her new song ‘Dark Blue’ is on another level. We hope you love her music as much as we do!” -www.BoredCity.co


American singer Zanya Laurence fuses R&B/soul/jazz in an absurdly contemporary and innovative cohesion, dripping personality through the pores and denoting an artistic identity that is simply powerful in its intent! “The Flame”, her newest release nods directly to a trip-hop climate, providing a very seductive scenario. 

We cannot fail to highlight Zanya's fantastic voice, a feeling full of superb confessional eagerness! The ethereal layers next to the synths also provide a futuristic radiance of great sensorial power, making for a truly irresistible experience!" -www.roadie-music.com

"Zanya Laurence has one of the purest and most charming voices we’ve heard and the performance on her new song, 'Dark Blue' is on another level. This song shows off the melodic tones of her stunning voice and shows how talented she is. Her lyrics are beautifully written and mesh perfectly with the captivating melodies. This song is a different experience from start to finish. Zanya Laurence is a talented artist, and her music is original, unique and sets her apart from the crowd. We hope you love her music as much as we do!" -Bored City/ Ireland