Hello everyone!

What a time we are living in, right?

With everything going on in the world, it is more important than ever to appreciate the good things that we still have in our lives. Family and friends, if even from afar, and of course music. It's been a couple of years since my last album release, "Stardust" and if I'm being honest, I was stuck in the rut of everyday life and trivial struggles. I wasn't feeling very inspired by anything and was starting to wonder if there was any music left inside of me.

With that being said, it turns out all it took to stir things up again was a bit of turmoil and uncertainty. I know you all are feeling the same, and I hope that this small collection of songs will take your mind off of our current state of affairs, if only for a few minutes. My new EP "In My Head" is now available!! Feel free to mosey around the site. If you are on a mobile device, click the little horizontal lines at the top to access the other pages- listen to music, watch videos or read articles and reviews... In the meantime, I hope that you all are staying safe, healthy & sane.

P.S. There are free downloads on my Songs page ;)

Much love to you and yours from Denver,  Z

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